Family Gold Prospecting Trips

Spend quality time with your family! This is an opportunity to escape the pressures of everyday life. You go to a shady, gold-bearing creek less than 5 minutes away and only 50 feet from the parking area. We recommend at least a 3-hour expedition. Gold has always been found on expeditions of 2 hours or more; time passes quickly when you’re finding gold. You average about 10 pans of material per hour.

We found that many of our new prospectors want the opportunity to use a sluice box and a gold pan. So, we created a new program which allows more people to process more material than just panning. In fact, with a sluice box, you average 100 pans of material per hour.

These great outdoor adventures are among our most popular expeditions! Every prospector knows that the more material you move, the more gold you find! These expeditions are the same as the ones above except they are for 5 hours. You use a sluice box and a gold pan on the richest creek of its size in California! Take the 2-day package and learn how and where to find gold!

Okay, you’ve had our Gold Prospecting Expeditions adventure and now you’re ready to do it on you own! Consider renting a claim! We have claims on several area waterways where gold is being found! There’s an annual registration fee and a per day charge. Dredging on our claims is extra.

We appreciate your business and when you take one of our expeditions you earn Discount Club coupons. You can collect these coupons and earn one of the many expeditions for which Gold Prospecting Expeditions is world famous. You can also use them like cash towards the expeditions as well. Be sure to ask about the GPE Discount Club!