Finding Gold Dust Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

finding gold dust

If you’re wondering where to find gold, the answer just might be right in your own home.

Here’s an interesting story from the news today: HVAC renovators in Sacramento, California were called in by some homeowners to install a new air conditioning and heating system . . . and in the process, they found jars full of gold dust hidden in the home that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The HVAC company is called Clark & Rush, and they were hired by the Sacramento homeowners (who remain nameless in the news story) to put in a new system at the cost of about $6,000.  When the workers removed a floor grill in the older home, though, they found twelve baby food jars that were full of gold dust estimated to be worth around $300,000.

Kudos to the Clark & Rush employees for giving the jars of gold to the homeowners, who declined to be interviewed.  It’s assumed that the gold belonged to a previous owner of the home who stashed it away many decades ago before passing away.

Amazingly, Clark & Rush company has discovered gold in a client home before.  Some of their workers found a $25,000 stash of gold coins in a home during the 1980’s.

If you live in an older home, have you checked every nook and cranny for secretly hidden caches of gold and treasure?  Imagine the unclaimed riches that are yet to be discovered in old homes across the country!