Where to Find Gold Metal Detecting: Gold Nuggets & Metal Detectors

metal detecting gold nuggetsFinding gold nuggets with metal detectors isn’t as easy as it might sound to beginning gold prospectors.  It’s not as simple as buying a metal detector, going out into the desert and digging up gold nuggets.  There are a lot of other elements involved, and a lot of practice and research is necessary, as well.

Here are a few tips on how to find gold nuggets with metal detectors, how to buy and use them, and where to go in order to have the highest likelihood of success.

Metal detecting for gold is a completely different animal than panning for gold in creeks, streams and rivers.  The type of gold you’re looking for is different, the tools and equipment you use are different, and the strategies and tactics you use are different.  Although a lot of gold prospectors are experienced in both gold panning and using a metal detector to hunt for gold nuggets, many prospectors prefer one form over the other.

Today, because of advancing technology, it’s possible to find gold nuggets that are hidden much deeper underground with metal detectors than ever before.  In fact, some metal detectors are designed with the one goal of discovering gold nuggets in mind, and they allow amateur prospectors to find pieces of gold that are much smaller than what could be detected in the past.

How to Buy a New Metal Detector for Finding Gold Nuggets

gold metal detectorThe first task on your list will likely be to buy a metal detector.  It’s very important to remember that not every metal detector out there are as good at detecting gold nuggets.  Don’t purchase a metal detector from anyone but a reputable dealer with a track record of helping their customers, and ask your dealer for advice on the best and most affordable models for starting out in gold nugget hunting.

Getting a detector that was designed to find gold will make your new hobby much easier.

Generally speaking, metal detectors that have a higher kilohertz (khz) or operating frequency will be better at finding smaller pieces of gold.  There are other important variables involved in choosing a good detector for hunting gold, though, and you should still ask the dealer for a complete run-down of what to look for.

Finally, remember that any good dealer will give you some limited instruction in how to use your new metal detector.  Most dealers will simply train you by using a test-patch area, which is basically a patch of mineralized dirt with small pieces of gold or metal buried in it for you to find.  Some dealers, however, will go so far as to take you out into the wilderness and actually show you how to use the detector out in the field.  Obviously, the latter is preferable.

Some words of warning: don’t ever test a metal detector inside of a building only.  Many new gold prospectors don’t realize that the metal and other materials present in the floor and walls of a building actually affect the readings.

Important Metal Detector Accessories for Finding Gold Nuggets

where to find gold nuggetsThere are certain tools, equipment and accessories that you will need out in the field when you start metal detecting for gold.  Although it’s not necessary to have every single one of these accessories, they will make your job of finding gold much easier.

A small accessory called a coil cover will ensure that your metal detector coil stays in good working order for a longer period of time.  A good coil cover protects the sides and the bottom of your metal detecting coil.

Don’t make the mistake of metal detecting without a really good pair of earphones.  You can do it without them, but the readings you hear will be much less sensitive.  You can buy metal detecting headphones that are designed with boosting capabilities that will make it more likely for you to hear when gold and other metals are detected in the ground.

Once you detect gold out in the field, you’ll have to dig it up . . . so make sure you have some good, lightweight tools for digging like small shovels, a rake, etcetera.

Where Do I Find Gold Nuggets With A Metal Detector?

Once you have your new metal detector and your tools, it’s time to decide where to go to get started with hunting for gold nuggets.  Just like with gold panning, the best advice is to look for gold in places where people have found it before.  Take some time to identify places in your state or vacation spot where gold nuggets have been discovered in the past (and ensure that you’re not trespassing on private property).

There are plenty of resources that are publicly available online and in public and government offices to show you where gold mining has been done in the past, where gold claims have been staked, and where people have mined gold.  Also, as we have suggested on this site before, one of the best ways to find good locations is by joining a local gold prospecting club or organization.  The other members will be great resources for you to learn where the metal detect for gold.