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Welcome to the official website of the National Gold Prospecting Association! We're dedicated to educating the public about panning, metal detecting and mining for gold in the United States of America. Gold prospecting and panning are becoming more and more popular as recreational activities for individuals and families across the country, and there are lots of places where you can find gold nuggets and dust in states that might surprise you.

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We provide frequently updated information about how to pan for gold, the best places in the country to find gold dust, nuggets, precious gems (and even meteorites), and links to great resources for across the web for amateur prospectors. We also occasionally write product reviews for panning equipment, metal detectors, and more. If you have a gold prospecting website or sell prospector products, please be sure to drop us a line on our contact form, and we'll be happy to link back to you and mention your specialty to our readers.

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Gold has always held a magical fascination for people, and not just because of its high sale value and beautiful qualities. The adventure that is inherent in prospecting for gold makes it an irresistible pastime for thousands of hobbyists, miners and professional prospectors around the world. Gold can be found in creeks, streams, rivers, and deserts across the country, and there are many different methods and tools that you can use to discover it.

While you might not ever become rich by panning or metal detecting for gold, we hope that you will discover just how rewarding a prospecting hobby can be for your entire family. Prospecting for gold gets you out into the wilderness, lets you discover beautiful natural spots that you might not have seen otherwise, and is a great excuse to go on an exciting adventure with your friends and loved ones.

Happy prospecting! Please let us know if there is any gold prospecting related topic you'd like to see added to our site, and be sure to check back often for new articles on panning, mining and metal detecting for gold.

--Phil Van Treuren, Administrator

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